Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Is leasing cost effective?

Many businesses lease office machines, but before you commit you should know your alternatives.

Leasing seems like an easy route, a simple monthly payment and you know for the next 3 years you'll have a working supported multi-function office machine at your disposal. But, there a much more cost effective ways to enjoy the same benefits. Let's take a look at how much out of pocket you'll see with a lease vs owning a machine.

A typical lease provides you with a machine, toners and service for 3 years. Our customers have reported to us that they typically pay anywhere from 180 to 250 per month for this service. Over 3 years, 36 payments, the out of pocket comes out to $6480.00 - $9000.00+, and after 3 years, you can either return the machine and start over, or purchase it by paying the residual. Residual is typically $2000.00. So let's take an average of that, 3 year average cost is $9740. These prices are fixed, as long as you stay in your 'printing limit'. ie maybe 20,000 pages per month.

Now let's take the alternative. Purchasing a factory refurbished, fully restored, and fully warrantied HP Multifunction Office Machine through PCT Services.

Machine 2000-3000, average $2500
1 year warranty - First year, you only buy toner as needed $300.00
Next 2 years - Toners $600.00, Maintenance Kit $350.00, and a couple service calls $90.00
(note: Since your purchased your toners though us, your service calls are always 1/2 price)

Three years total owning = $3840.00
Three years total leasing =  $9740.00 

Purchase through PCT $3840.00 That's less than 40% of the cost!
You could have 2 machines for less than the cost of 1 leased machine.

And, it's your machine, you can print as much as you want, your not locked into a 3 year plan, which means you can replace it any time you want, or keep it longer if you like, it's YOURS and you have control.

If you'd like a no obligation quote, just to do your own comparison, let us know!
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