Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Perks with Toners

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Business customers can enjoy fast great service for their office machines, and save 50% when service is needed. By ordering your toners, through PCT's portal, you'll not only receive the highest quality toners at prices lower than your currently paying, but when you need a printer serviced, you'll only be charged 1/2 price for the service call!

All printer's using toners purchased through our portal, automatically get 1/2 priced service discounts. No obligation, no contracts, no invasive page counting software, it's just a perk we include.

See below how much you can save.....

Real life scenario

Let’s say you have an HP 4250, you buy toner for it.  3 months later your printer is leaving marks on the page. You call the service company to check the printer…. Well compare them, to us.

Office Supply Store
PCT Services
Original Toner Cost $199.00
Original Toner Cost $109.00
Tech shows up, charges $129.00, finds toner is causing issue
PCT’s tech shows up, $0.00 since toner was the problem and was ordered through us
6 week warranty on toner, you have to buy a new one
PCT 6 month warranty, new toner on the way
Purchase new toner, another $199.00
Problem solved.  You only had to pay for the original toner
Total cost $527.00
Total cost $109.00, total time 1 day
One Year scenario using Office Store
One Year scenario using PCT
Same printer, HP 4250
5 Toners per year                              $995.00
1 Service Call for print issues          $129.00
1 Service Call for paper jams           $129.00
1 bad toner out of warranty            $199.00

Total Yearly Cost                               $1452.00

Same printer, HP 4250
5 Toners per year                         $495.00
1 Service Call for print issues          $0.00
1 Service Call for paper jams         $39.99
1 bad toner , in warranty                 $0.00

Total Yearly Cost                           $534.99

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